What is PuffPack®?

PuffPack® is the newest way to lounge anywhere with the upmost comfort and convenience. Our revolutionary product is an inflatable sofa that does not require any tools to assemble, and can be set up within minutes! PuffPack® is portable and weighs less than 3 pounds that fits into a backpack of its own.  Individuals can enjoy PuffPack® in any environment including indoors, outdoors and on water. 


What is PuffPack® made out of?

PuffPack’s outer layer fabric is a military grade parachute rip-stop nylon which is extremely durable, and a polyurethane coating. The polyurethane makes the fabric water resistant, light weight, and durable. PuffPack® is water and dirt resistant and can be used on almost any terrain, is UV resistant which the fabric won’t get super-hot, and its durability makes difficult to puncture.  The inside layer is a PVC liner which is designed to trap the air which makes it inflated for hours at a time.  The fastener used to seal PuffPack® is designed so that it will not release easily.  You must press the button at the same time of pressing the sides into the fastener.  This is specifically for your safety!


What is the weight capacity of PuffPack®?

PuffPack® can hold up to 500 pounds due to the durable material that it consists of, and its unique design. Enjoy laying in your PuffPack alone, or with a friend or two!


How much does the PuffPack® weigh and what is the size?

PuffPack® weighs only 2.3 pounds. A fully inflated PuffPack® is sized at: 90.5in x 27.5in x 27.5in. When in it's carrying case, it size is 19in x 6in x 3in.


How do I inflate and deflate my PuffPack®?

PuffPack® takes less than 2 minutes to inflate, and does not require any tools to assemble.  First, roll out your PuffPack® flat on the ground.  Next, open up one compartment to capture the air. Inside you will see the PVC protectant liner.  Use your arms in a straight motion, and move the PuffPack® against the air or wind.  Repeat this step 3 or 4 more times until you’ve captured the desirable amount of air.  Next, you will repeat the same process in the second compartment.  As soon as you puff it out, roll the end of the compartments (black ends) 3 or 4 times until air is secure.  Last, buckle the clamp together.  When you are ready to deflate your PuffPack®, simply release the safety buckle by pressing the button and side clamps at the same time.  Release the air by rolling up your PuffPack® to fit back into the PuffPack® bag.  If your PuffPack® is wet from using it in water, allow it to air dry.



Where can I use my PuffPack®?

PuffPack® can be used anywhere.  It is portable, and easy to assemble within minutes.  PuffPack® is perfect for any outdoor activity such as camping, concerts, cruise decks, the beach, hiking, biking, and the pool or lake.  PuffPack® is also great for relaxing indoors at parties, classrooms, dorms, or even living rooms!


Can I use my PuffPack® in water?

Yes! PuffPack® will float in water due to the seal of the inner PVC liner.  PuffPack® is water resistant, but not waterproof.  Naturally, water may soak through the nylon material, which should not affect your ability to float.  If you do decide to use it as a float, we recommend that you use it on a calm body of water such as a lake or pool for leisure purposes.  You will need support off of an edge to get into it comfortably. We DO NOT recommend that you take it in the ocean or river that you cannot control.  Do not use behind a boat or jet sky.  When you are ready to dry out your PuffPack®, simply deflate to let out any excess water, and allow PuffPack® to air dry.  You can leave it deflated and lay it out, or re-inflate it to dry.  We have had success by re-inflating it and leaving it in a dry area after use in the water.  Remember, PuffPack® is not meant to be a safety flotation device, float at your own risk.



What features are included with my PuffPack®?

PuffPack® has 3 pockets- a large pocket and 2 small pockets created to fit your personal objects such as a phone, tablet, magazine, book, drink, and PuffPack® bag.  It also has a loop at the bottom corner which is constructed to hold a stake which will stabilize or anchor your PuffPack® during windy conditions.  PuffPack’s distinctive design allows it to be rolled up compactly so that it fits in its own adjustable bag.


How do I clean my PuffPack®?

PuffPack® is easy to clean!  Simply use a damp cloth and a neutral soap.  Allow your PuffPack® to air dry.  We do not recommend placing PuffPack® in the washer or dryer machine.


What is the warranty on my PuffPack®?

With your purchase of your PuffPack®, a warranty for any manufacturer defects is included.  We will replace your PuffPack® at no charge.  You must notify us within 14 days of purchase.  This does not include normal wear and tear.  If you decide a PuffPack® is not right for you, you may return it within 14 days of purchase.


Additional information about PuffPack®:

Be smart with your PuffPack® by taking good care of it.  Although it is durable, make good choices in the environment you put it in.  Be safe with your PuffPack.  Its main purpose is for you to relax and enjoy life.  Remember you can use it instead of a chair or hammock in any environment.   Once you puff your pack, you’ll NEVER go back!


If you have any more questions or concerns regarding your PuffPack®, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.  We will get back to you within 24 hours of normal business hours.