PuffPack® │ The Oringinal Inflatable Sofa

We are a retailer of the newest way to lounge anywhere with the up-most comfort and convenience. Our revolutionary product called Puffpack® is an inflatable sofa that does not require any tools to assemble, and can be set up within minutes! Puffpack® is portable and weighs only 2.5 pounds that fits into a backpack of its own.  Individuals can enjoy PuffPack® in any environment including outdoors indoors and even on water!   PuffPack® offer people an opportunity to relax and enjoy any space.









PuffPack® can be customized. Want to add your company, team or brand logo? we can fully customize your PuffPack®! Contact one of our sales specialist for more information. Want to become a Distributor? Contact us, we can help!